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Merging files

How to I merge two files that are for the same checking account


  • Boatnmaniac
    Boatnmaniac SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    Please clarify what you want to do.  Are you trying to merge checking accounts data from two separate Quicken data files?  Or are you trying to merge data from two separate checking accounts (for the same checking account) that are in the same Quicken data file?
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  • Chrisallen
    Chrisallen Member
    Boy - this is really going to sound dumb but I'm not sure what you mean by "two separate Quicken data files." I have two files (I'm assuming they are 2 separate Quicken files) showing in my Quicken that are for the same account. But they have different dates. One starts back in 2018 and the other one has later dates. And I was missing two months in-between. After hours I finally got everything to download from my bank for the missing time period but I would still like to know how to merge the files if I have a problem in the future. Thanks so much.
  • volvogirl
    volvogirl SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    Sounds like you have 2 accounts in the same data file. Are both the accounts listed in the account list on the side?  Or do you have to close your Quicken Data File and open another File by going up to File-open?

    You can move the transactions between accounts in the same File.
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