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Scott Rose
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It would be great if Quicken Mac could implement 2 changes to the Securities Window:

1. The first change is really a rollback to how things used to be in Quicken 6.0:

Starting in Quicken 6.1 for Mac, when you double-click on a security in the Securities Window ("Window>Securities"), it takes you to the "Security Details" tab instead of the "Price History" tab.

It would be great if this behavior went back to how it used to be, which is that the Securities Window should always take us into the "Price History" tab first.

This is because 99.99% of the time when we go into the Securities tab, the reason we're going there is because we need to add new entries into the "Price History" tab. So it doesn't make sense for it to open up to the "Security Details" tab first.

Which brings us to the 2nd change:

2. Why are we adding new entries into the Price History tab? 

Because we have to manually type in the current cryptocurrency price for Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

But it would be really nice if Quicken supported automatically downloading the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) & other cryptocurrencies into Quicken — then we wouldn't need to go into the Security window at all! 

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