Zombies! Accepted matched transactions keep coming back

In the last month or so, a whole bunch of accepted transactions keep coming back on several CC accounts. The transactions show as "matched", I accept them all, and next time I update all the accounts they show up again as "matched" to be accepted, I accept them all, etc. How can I stop this? Thanks, -- C


  • NotACPA
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    Please do TOOLS, Account List.  What does it say in the "Transaction Download" column adjacent to these card accounts?
    Also, what card issuer name is shown in the "Financial Institution" column for each?
    And, have you changed download methods, recently, on these accounts.  Such as going from a download initiated within Q to you initiating the download at the issuer's website?
    Q uses info from each download, for each transaction, that's called a "Financial Institution Transaction ID" (or FITID) to look for duplicate downloaded transactions ... and how these are created depends upon how the download is initiated ... and can differ between different download methods.  So that Q wouldn't recognize them as duplicate.
    Changing download methods can change the FITID, which is what it sounds like is happening to you.
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