Issue with latest update

I am assuming this is an issue with a recent update. I noticed this last week and have started noticing other issues and am really unhappy with the state of things. I don't know if setting up the cloud sync and the mobile app could be causing some of these issue, that is something else that I recently changed. I am using R32.12

Last weekend after starting Quicken all of my reminders appeared to be reset in weird ways, reminders that shouldn't be there were there now from last year and others that should have been there from this year were now gone with only the next reminder there. The home scree with the bills and reminders was also impacted by this stating that my balances were going to go negative but when I went to the Bills & Income tab that didn't show the same scenario but that is when I noticed the reminders in a weird state.

This weekend I wend to look at my recent paycheck split from the Register screen and a new screen appears, Edit Current Paycheck, instead of showing me the split. The screen is also empty of any information.

There have been other oddities but I don't recall them all at this point and am just frustrated that I am paying for a service that is actively messing up my data and costing me time.


  • James Gruber
    James Gruber Member ✭✭
    I have paycheck entry problems also
  • Me too. I installed the newest update and the issue still exists. Any idea on when this bug will get fixed?
  • Herman
    Herman Member ✭✭
    Whenever there is a update from quicken I get error messages and cannot sync my Quicken R 32.12. Does anyone care? Will there be a fix, I have called multiple times and spent an inordinate amount of time on this.
    Very displeased.
  • redteampython
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    edited April 2021
    I wish they would open source Quicken so we could actually get fixes to these problems.[Removed-Unhelpful]