Find and Find & Replace Functions are a mess

I was doing a lot of cleanup and re-categorizing over the last few days.
It quickly made me realize how poor and messed up the Find and Find & Replace functions are.
First: The initial search arguments are terrible. There is a checkbox to make the first/Find field default to "any field". That works but, when unchecked, it should initialize to what I last used. Instead what it picks seems to be unpredictable. At the moment it keeps initializing to DATE. The compare field DOES seem to come back to the last-used value. The value field seems like might be defaulting to the last value used for the FIND type. In my case that is a date value.

In general, it should initialize to exactly what I last used if "default to any field " is not checked and should default to last compare and value if it is unchecked.

Part of the reason for this requirement is that the rest of the function is only good for one use. I find a list of matching items and select/check the ones I want to change. Their lines are highlighted. I change them and, upon completion, the items are still highlighted but the check marks are gone and the dialog does not know what to do with them. If I check one of them, it un-highlights it but does not turn on its checkbox the first time. It does turn on the checkbox for a second click. If re-check a few of them it soon crashes out. Therefore, I find I have to exit and repeat my search for each change I want to make. PLUS, I have had the dialog crash out after alternatively scrolling and checking items before I even get to making a change.

When I am successful at finding and selecting items to change, sometimes I just wanted to change the case of the value (like Opm to OPM) but that is difficult because the dialog tries to be helpful by finding case-insensitive values that match what I am typing and won't let me just use the exact case-sensitive value I want to use. I find I have to first change all the targets to something it does not already know about but has the case of the characters I want and then go back and change that value to the one I really want. BTW: the same problem exists when entering new transactions.
I realize I may not know a technique that can be used to override this help.

In general, these functions need a thorough review and fixes to make them user friendly and error proof.


  • Chris_QPW
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    KenBushaw said:
    There is a checkbox to make the first/Find field default to "any field". That works but, when unchecked, it should initialize to what I last used. Instead what it picks seems to be unpredictable. 
    It isn't unpredictable, it initializes the search with whatever field you have selected in the register at the time you start the search.  For instance select the payee field and it will select to search in the payee field, and what it is searching for will be set to the payee of that transaction.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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    1. Why should search default to "find within splits", when I don't need that deep a search? It wastes time.

    2. Why should I not be able to "find only", unless an account is openly displayed? I want to pick what to edit against what I don't, and I don't see why I should need to open an account register. It wastes time.

    3. Why can't selected transactions be re-sorted on another field without being de-selected? It wastes time.

    All of these flukes and disorganization waste time. Let's stop wasting users' time.
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