How does one correct a foreign exchange rate that Quicken arbitrarily uses?

Foreign exchange rates for various currencies for the current day only can be downloaded under Tools. if one needs to record a historical rate or use a different foreign exchange rate, this can be input manually.

However, when recording Investments in a foreign currency, Quicken sometime chooses a foreign exchange rate that is not reflected in the Currency List. Moreover, if one wishes to change the foreign exchange rate for an investment transaction already posted, it is often impossible to do so even if the transaction is deleted and reposted.

Running Validate and Repair does not fix this.

One can only determine which foreign exchange rate that Quicken is using by looking at the Investment Transactions Report. But there is no way to alter the rate being used.

Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this?


  • @FrustratedinCanada: I suggest that you take a screen shot of the Edit Transaction dialogue box for one of the transactions in question and post that (after you edit our any private information). In my experience, I can edit the F/X rate, so it is not obvious why you are having an issue. Remember though, you can only have one F/X rate per day per currency in the currency list.
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