Ongoing and Persistent Issues with Bank of America

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FACT: I have also been experiencing the CC-555 error for over 24-hours now
FACT: I have experience on-going and perpetual issues of communication between Quicken and BoA.
FACT: I have discussed these issues with BoA and with Quicken Support (I can substantiate all communications with Quicken Support through copies of chat sessions.)
FACT: Quicken Support always states the issue is with BoA. (From Quicken's perspective this is true, because in conversations I have had with BoA they stated they no longer support Quicken's communication technology)
FACT: Quicken Support always has me deactivate and reactivate my account with BoA.
FACT: This is an arduous process for me because my primary means of communication in my BoA profile is email. I have a landline number that is identified as a home number in my profile and the cell phone number is blank.
FACT: The only option I receive from Quicken when I must authenticate my account is to text a code to my cell phone. Yet, there is no cell phone number in my profile, there is a landline number and Quicken displays my landline number as a cell phone number.
FACT: Quicken Support states they only display the information that is received from BoA. (Again, I can substantiate this through copies of multiple chat conversations with Quicken Support)
FACT: In conversations with BoA, they state that they provide the information requested in my profile for Quicken to connect.
QUESTION: If Quicken only presents the information received, and BoA only provides the information requested, if a cell phone number is requested and that field is blank in my BoA profile and yet an email is identified as the primary means of communication how is it that Quicken does not receive an email address and either changes or assumes that my home phone is a cell phone?
FACT: I have asked this question multiple times and am always told the same thing, that Quicken only presents the information received.
QUESTION: If the current CC-555 issue is a known issue, why has this not been proactively communicated to users?
FACT: I find it frustrating that I must go through an extreme process of calling BoA everything there is a connection issue with Quicken and try to get a code over the phone and time it so the codes will match with the time the request is receive through Quicken.
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