This system is bad, ask question and can't get any answers. Never should have updated.

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Why can can't we get any help with this system, have ask asked help desk, they dont have any answers.


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    SO, what's your question?  All that you've posted here is a complaint.
    BUT, in asking your question, please provide the following info:
    • What Q Product are you running, and what BUILD of that product?  Do HELP, About Quicken for that info.
    • Also from there, please tell us what your "Membership valid thru" date is.
    • Next, what error codes, or messages are you getting?  On what type of account?  With what Financial Institution?  How are you connecting to that FI?
    • WHERE is your Q data file stored?  Start  with the drive letter  and proceed all  the way thru until you get to .QDF
    • How long has this been happening?  What have you done, so far,  to address  the matter?
    • What version of Windows are you running?
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    just to clarify - WE are all just other users here.... what is your question ?
    [EDIT] also updated your posting with the words you wanted
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