Recommendation for Manual Reconciliation of Shares

I enter my share transactions each month by hand, followed by checking my holdings against that month's brokerage report. The obvious way to do that is to click on the line for the holding I'm checking, which allows me to click on RECONCILED, but doing that opens that register line into a double line display, which hides the share balance. Since the share balance is the one thing I need to see at this point, I don't know why this would be omitted from the display.

So I'm forced to highlight a line above or below the line I'm interested in, check the share balance of the holding of interest, then click the holding of interest and then click on R for Reconciled. This seems to make reconciling much more difficult that it needs to be.

Am I missing something? Is there a setting that will get that share balance displayed even when that line is selected?
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  • NotACPA
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    May I ask why you're not downloading from your brokerage into Q?
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  • Jim_Harman
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    Before I started downloading investing transactions into Quicken and having it reconcile the shares at the end of each download session, I would enter all the transactions for the month, then click on Holdings. I would set the As of date to the statement date and compare all the holdings in Quicken to the statement. If all agreed, I would put a check mark on the statement. 

    If you want a reconciliation indication in Quicken, you could make that comparison, then go to the last transaction for the closing date and select Reconciled. 
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