How do I get past Sign-in with the Intuit ID page - need Qwin 2016 Mondo Patch

I installed Quicken Home & Business 2016 for Windows on my computer after doing a factory reset. When I try to enter my valid Intuit ID and password, I get "An unknown error occurred. Please try to connect later." It gives me no options other than retrying over and over to no effect. Every time I try to restore my backup, I see it for a second but it pulls me back to this page where it won't accept my password.


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I suggest you download and apply the Quicken 2016 R19.5 Mondo patch from:
  • UKR
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    For the record: 2016 was the year which saw the separation of Quicken Inc. from Intuit Inc. As a result of that, the original Intuit ID was changed and became the Quicken ID.
    All the old Intuit ID - related servers no longer exist. That means, to make Quicken work you must install the 2016 R 19.5 patch file (above) to update Quicken 2016 to become aware of the Quicken ID changes.
    Store the downloaded patch file on a local or networked drive or USB stick independent of your computer's internal C: drive, in case you ever need to reinstall Quicken 2016 at some later point in time.
  • Yeti96
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    I'd forgotten about the mondo patch. I think I had to do the same thing three years ago when I put it on a new computer. I've downloaded the patch, but how do I enable it. I've tried double clicking the file, but I get an error page saying "Unable to check for updates, the server file failed to load." Do I need to uninstall and reinstall Quicken with the mondo patch already loaded? Or should I reinstall it, then try to activate the patch before I try to open Quicken?
  • UKR
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    Oh, that old error ...
    Here's what to do about it:

    In case of Patch installation error "Server file failed to load … Index and length …"

    Please follow instructions here:
    If the error message is about a file named "wyserver.wys", the problem is the Windows User Account name. If your Windows User files are located in a folder named, for example,
    "C:\Users\John Doe\..." (with a blank space between John and Doe)
    you need to create a new Windows User Account with Admin privileges and a name that does not contain a blank space, e.g., "John". Use the new account to install or update Quicken. Afterwards return to using your regular Windows User Account for running Quicken and doing all other work, as usual.

    Alternatively, enable and use the hidden Administrator account. See how to do that. Works in all Windows versions.

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