Automatic Average of Scheduled Bills (Q Mac)

In a version of Quicken that I had years ago (for PC, I think), it had a option to adjust the amount of scheduled transactions, as they were automatically entered into the register, based on an average of a period in the past. I think it was the last 12 payments or maybe it gave the option to select whatever past period you wanted. This is very handy for bills that change with the seasons, like utility bills. I miss that. 
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  • Chris_QPW
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    In reality this feature should be "more".  Here are the options on Quicken Windows.

    What's more if Quicken Mac puts this feature in they should do better than what was done in Quicken Windows when "Online Bills/bill presentment" is used.

    On Quicken Windows whenever you link an online bill to a reminder this estimate function isn't used.  But the way the online bill presentment is currently working is that it uses either the last payment or zero for the reminders.

    The "zero" comes up a lot of time when the bill is in "Awaiting Next" bill state and is extremely bad.  And even using the last payment isn't very good.  It should use the estimate above when the bill isn't current.  We lost this battle like a lot of ones on the Windows side, but it seems that the Mac development team are more open to such suggestions.
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  • Maybe this feature is not used much in Q for Windows, I don't know. I liked it and my guess is Q for Mac users don't know what they are missing because it has never been available to them. I would like to see it included in Q for Mac as soon as possible.