Stopped showing dividends and dividend reinvestment

when checking accounts today, I found the dividends or dividend reinvestment has stopped showing up for April. I double check entry and event tried to load a dummy transaction. What is happening


  • NotACPA
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    Much more info is needed in order to assist you.
    What Q product are you running, what BUILD of that product and what's your "Membership Valid Thru" date?  This info can be found at HELP, About Quicken.
    Are other downloaded transactions showing in this account?
    What brokerage, or mutual fund company, holds this account?  Is this issue happening in one account, or more?
    Does the number of shares/units shown in Q agree with the number at the Financial Institution?
    At the top of the investment account in Q, which Column Header is displaying an arrowhead, and which direction is it pointing?

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