Add user rearrangement of accounts and custom grouping across account types.

Please add user rearrangement of accounts and custom grouping across account types. Various forms of these capabilities have been requested by many users going back years, and have been listed as "Planned" for just as long. This would make using Quicken much easier.


  • jacobs
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    The "Planned" designation on those enhancement requests mean the development team has agreed to implement those features. Unfortunately, they've got a ton of requests, and can only execute on a small number at a time -- and there's no way for us as users to know how high or low a particular idea is on their development roadmap.

    In any case, the developers don't generally read comments here. The best way for us as users to influence the developers is to both vote on and comment on Idea posts in the "Product Ideas" sections of this forum. For an idea marked as Planned already, adding a comment about why it's important to you, or how you'd hope to see it implemented, might get read by the developers when they're actively working on the feature.
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    Several years ago, I voted for, and commented for, several of the disparate threads in this area. With this new one, I'm attempting to summarize all the versions in .two general requests, and revive the priority of this need. Anyone with a large number of active accounts covering a variety of topics would find these capabilities useful.

    Quicken for Mac 2007 and earlier supported these capabilities.

    I suspect the reason these capabilities have been postponed is because it's not a matter of adding or changing software, but that the structure of the Quicken data file would have to be changed, a much larger effort. When these two requests are released, I expect they would be in a whole number version release of Quicken for Mac.
  • jacobs
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    In the development of the modern Quicken Mac, changes in the database format are fairly frequent as new features are added, unlike Quicken Windows where the database format is quite mature and doesn't change.

    Whether certain changes are easy or difficult is typically pretty hard for people outside the development team to judge. In some cases, they've structure the database and built in hooks anticipating certain future changes and enhancements, so something which seems it might be a major change might not be; on the other hand, sometimes a feature which seems like just a modest extension of an existing feature turns out to require database changes or re-writing chunks of existing code. (For instance: since each account in Quicken has a hidden internal ID number, it might actually turn out to be pretty easy to allow users to move accounts around and create custom sidebar account groups.)

    In any case, I'm not clear on what you're trying to accomplish with this thread. It wasn't created as an Idea thread, so people can't vote for it. We could get a moderator to change it to a voting topic, but I think it would then end up just being merged into one of the exiting threads which are already marked as planned for development.

    One thing you can do if you feel there are specific aspects of these ideas which you'd like to see implemented in a certain way is to add a post in the existing thread with your thoughts on the nuances of implementation, or how you hope to make use of a particular feature. When the developers work on the ideas, they (in theory, at least) review the user comments in the Idea thread to try to make sure that they understand what users are looking for and hope to accomplish, so that what they're building will satisfy the requests from users. Other times, they decide to build a basic version of a new feature, release it, and gather feedback on how it should be changed, refined, or extended in a subsequent release in order to make it most useful to the largest number of users. 
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