Paycheck totals suddenly not showing in calendar. Is anyone else having this issue?



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    > @"Pam Flaig" said:
    > Still BROKEN with 33.24
    > I reentered every corrupt payroll a couple days ago after 33.24 and today my last entery is corrupt. This is the same that I have described in threads since ~2018. It got better but came back in the last 2-3mo. As a 20yr quicken user.... please fix this!! I have offered to help, test, talk to tech along with posting but it's fallen on death ears.....
    > Is there a compliance and controls process for changes/fixes? Quicken should as personal banking management is important to the individual just as it is for businesses.

    Pam, this is the issue with corruption in the past transactions in the register that was solved for me by disabling Quicken Cloud Sync in one step updates. I'd recommend making sure you disable the cloud sync. Note one of the updates switches it back on and I had to recorrect all the bad entries again - not a good customer experience. If you have to do a Quicken update then check this setting before running a One Step Update.

    The new issue is the Open Step Update messing up the totals for future payroll items in both the Calendar and Manage Bill and Income reminders.

    In general, my advice would be to no longer accept any updates from Quicken, they seem to make things worse and being a few releases behind gives them more time to fix issues. The users are now the testers for Quicken so they aren't finding the issues till they are reported by users. Take frequent backups, assume new features will break old ones and checkout some of alternatives. If I didn't have 25+ years data in quicken I'd be gone, first 23 years were great, last 2 less than great. I'm hoping they can turn around their SQA team.
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    Re-created my recurring paycheck deposits four days ago and have been doing an OSU each day. So far so good. The totals still show on the Bills & Income Tab - Stack View.
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    @m32966 Thanks for the suggestion and alignment in frustration! I wish there was a better option, my 20yrs like your 25yrs makes it hard to give up. The last several payroll transactions that I fixed just corrupted again so I guess my only option is to resign to

    The last 4yrs have been rough, since just before becoming a subscription based model. Through SQA to unwind what must be a spaghetti mess of code it a must if they ever want a sustainable reliable product. I hope Quicken support does come clean and really acknowledge the issues from those of us senior and well experienced users; something needs to happen to regain our trust!
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    Same problem here. R34.20. will Quicken going to address the issue ?
  • Gary Chav
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    Same issue, same problem, same major disappointment! I have deleted the paycheck multiple times and started from scratch, and many other suggested possible attempts to fix and still nothing! Very frustrating for something so very important to your budget!
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    I’ve had this problem for months now with no resolution in sight. I had to delete my B of A account from mobile sync to make it work without resetting income reminders to 0. Quicken has not responded to my problem so don’t except any help.
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    I'm hoping this will be fixed in R35 as part of the fix mentioned here
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    Thank you! Much appreciated! Knowing it is being addressed is great to know, even if only an estimate for now. Thanks again!
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    Believe it or not, it appears release R35.31 fixed this issue.
  • Gary Chav
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    This issue has resurfaced!! Instead of showing zeros, it shows an inflated amount, but if you go in and edit all instances, it corrects the amount, but continues to show the inflated amount every time you resync with the cloud. There are serious problems with syncing with the cloud and recurring payments/reminders and it is incredibly frustrating that this one is back again!
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    Yes, that is one of the many problems I have encountered with sync. It is so bad I had to disable the syncing feature

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    Same problem as Gary and Bill have reported - scheduled paychecks are forecast at the full amount, rather than the net amount after split line items. Completely throwing off the calendar and future register totals. Editing all instances worked to restore the proper totals. If this is breaking because of the cloud sync, it needs to be repaired (to state the obvious)