Updated my Quicken 2008 with Quicken 2016 - but cannot sign in

Newly installed 2016 Quicken Deluxe for windows will not allow me to sign in to Quicken .. keeps telling me to use "intuit account" . Spoke with Quicken customer service and they no longer support this version and claim no longer associated with intuit, But, on new install of that version ... requires sign on (not data Password) to start up the program. Is there a work around ? or any way to by pass the sign in requirement. ??? Thank You


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    FYI - Intuit sold Quicken several years ago to a private company.
    Your 2016 (UNSUPPORTED) version of Quicken is looking to contact the old long gone Intuit mothership servers.
    Guessing you don't use any of the online downloading or importing of bank transactions and merely enter everything manually.  If you want to continue in this manual mode - you should look on the forum for Quicken 2013 and install that.
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    Because QW2016 is no longer supported, it will not update itself. You have to update it manually to make it switch from Intuit ID to Quicken ID. You can get the R19.5 Mondo patch here:
    That said, any ID is a pain and without using any of the online features, why do you want QW2016? QW2013 was the last best version before IDs.
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