SOLVED?? Scheduled Transaction Group doesn't keep the transaction associations during sync

Same issues as nancymvy, chdetrick, djsalisch & Janice Fisher in thread titled Scheduled Transaction group doesn't keep the transactions. (now closed)
Version R33.24
I spoke with Quicken Help in June and they opened and then closed (without resolving) a ticket for case number: 8651897. Told me to Verify my data file.
Here’s what I have tried beginning in July…
Scheduled Transaction Groups rebuilt. Added all the transaction associations back in.
Data File has been validated and saved.
Opened Q today and Scheduled Transaction Groups were ok.
Performed a One Step Update.
Rechecked Scheduled Transaction Groups and the transactions associated with the groups were missing. Again!!
This does Not affect my Scheduled Investment Transactions, only Banking Transactions.
Transaction Groups missing associated transactions were from both synced and un-synced accounts.
Turning Sync OFF appears to resolve the dropped associations issue, but I use that feature.
Turned Sync back ON & Reset the Mobile Sync data.
Performed a One Step Update – received a ‘Your data is being synced to improve our cloud service” notice. After reaching 100%, the screen appeared to freeze for 5+ minutes. Following that I received a popup that ‘Quicken Data is being refreshed’ (Not responding). My internet connectivity is good. Eventually (~20 minutes) everything finished up and I was missing one checking account association – had to deactivate/reactivate to restore it.
I re-added some of the Scheduled Group Transaction associations and they now remain thru the One Step Update with Mobile Sync turned ON !!

This is a LENGTHY process – probably close to 2 hours for my data set.

Quicken Team: How about an update for everyone else that continues to deal with this issue and has not reset their sync yet? - I have seen posts from more than a year ago detailing this issue without resolution.