Monthly Bills and Deposts auto advancing to the next occurrence

I first noticed this with my Paycheck deposit, now I'm seeing this with some other bills that charge my bank automatically.

When I Download transactions from my back using One step update. And the bank downloads a transaction that matches a Bill or Deposit (like my paycheck). I see the transaction in the list, and since I have not entered it into the register yet. I go to Bills and Deposits to manually enter it. I find that the bill or deposit that should occur is not there. It is now set for the next time.

Each time this happens I have to edit the bill or deposit to the correct date to manually enter it into the register.

Everything is set to remind me and not auto enter.

This is really frustrating, especially with the pay check as I have it itemized out instead of just the net balance.

Anyone have else have this issue?


  • Sherlock
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    You may be experiencing a feature Quicken introduced last year as discussed in:
  • VTron21
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    edited July 13
    I don't have an issue setting the date back to this month.

    Actually, this has happened with my reminder for Paramount+ and the transaction hasn't even been downloaded from the bank.

    Currently the bills & deposit view shows next bill on 8-11. If I open the reminders window and go to monthly tab In July is not there at all, In august it says Upcoming, in June it says Reconciled.

    Seems like Quicken is up and changing the date.