Error - Quicken is unable to verify the financial institution... - Assiniboine Credit Union Canada

Rudy Friesen
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"Quicken is unable to verify the financial institution information for this download. Please try again later."


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    Could you give us some details...
    What Version and Release.... Help --> About Quicken
    What exact bank or brokerage name ?
    Was this download performed using One Step Update - or a manual download and Import ?
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  • Rudy Friesen
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    This is a Quicken Starter program. Version:R33.7, Build:, Canada
    Bank Name: Assiniboine Credit Union
    This was a manual download and import. I have been doing this successfully since 2006 with various editions of Quicken. The problem began a couple of months ago.
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    It is my understanding that for a Quicken user to be able to
    • download from a bank using the One Step Update process or
    • download a QFX file from a bank and import same into Quicken
    the bank must have an active contract with Quicken and be listed in the directory of supported financial institutions.
    No entry - no download, no import.
    Being a US Quicken user myself, I don't have access to the Canadian directory file. So let's find out if they're still listed. Please do the following in Quicken:
    Use the Tools / Add Account process and pretend you want to add a new bank's accounts to your data file.
    When prompted for the name of the bank, enter Assiniboine. Do you get the bank listed in the Search results?
    If not, see above. If yes, I'd suggest you try the "Update Now" process from the account register's Action gear icon.

    If all else fails, please contact Quicken Support on the phone during posted hours of operation

    Note: Your browser must allow popups from for chat/phone support selections to function. See

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    From their website & FAQ -

    Yes, you can download your account activity to the following software programs:

    • CSV*
    • PDF (PDF is the only program available with the mobile banking app)
    • Microsoft Money (OFX)
    • Quicken (QFX)
    • Sage 50 (OFX)
    • Xero (OFX)

    The appropriate software must be loaded in your personal computer to access the downloaded content. Please refer to the Help section in those programs for assistance. You can also refer to the program support website for further information and assistance.

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    I'm not sure how up to date this list is, but it doesn't list a Assiniboine Credit Union:

    You can also find the current list in a file on your machine:
    (search for fidir.txt it will be in a sub directory)

    One possibility is they changed the name they are using for the financial institution.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website:
  • Ps56k2
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    yes.... since we only have the US version - take a look at your own system for the - FIDIR.TXT - file
    you might have to poke around - as there might be several copies of the same file - all the same -

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