Why does it keep saying onetime process when it does it everytime I try to download from bank?

Yesterday, after quicken update, I tried to download from my bank. I received error messages saying something from 2017 needed "set parameters". Not sure why this is suddenly a problem as I have never seen this error message before. Now every time I open and try to download, it says it's running s "one time process for syncing to the cloud"--except it does it every time I open it. And it still is not downloading my data from the bank.


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    Q2017 SHOULD have lost all ability to download on 3/30/20. Per the licensing agreement, all support for Q2017 was expected to end approx 3.5 years after it's release in the fall of 2016.
    We, other users, can't help you to get downloads back and neither can Q Support.
    Your only option is to buy and install a more recent version of Q.
    Double check that you're actually running Q2017 by doing HELP, About Quicken.
    And that "one time process" for first setting up Q Mobile or Q Web usually takes several hours.  I suspect that you're interrupting it part way thru ... so that it has to start over the next time.

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