Any resolution of the Reconcile problem for checking accounts?

Prior month's closing balance is wrong for the first time in over 10 years of using Quicken. Sum of cleared payments and deposits are both perfectly correct.
Additional question: Does the Reconcile error for checking accounts also apply to reconciling credit card accounts? I'm afraid to try reconciling credit cards for fear Quicken will scramble those balances as well.


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    The Opening balance of a reconciliation is a CALCULATED, not stored, value.
    It's the sum of all transactions in the account that are marked with an R in the CLR column.
    SO, if it differs from the prior month's closing balance, then one or more of the following happened.
    1. You manually changed a transaction  from R to something else.
    2. You manually changed a transaction to R
    3. You deleted a transaction with an R, or deleted the other side of a transfer where one side was R.
    To resolve this, you need to pull out your old statements and go back until Q's register and a statement agree as to date and amount.  Then select all transactions after that point and set them to "c" and re-reconcile the account month-by-month.
    And yes, this applies to cards also.
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