Net Worth Closed Investment Accounts Should be $0

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In the Net Worth report a closed account should always have a $0 balance.

I have multiple investment accounts that have 0 holdings, 0 cash, and are closed but show seemingly random numbers in the Net Worth report.

Usually its $0.01 or -$0.01 and I presume it is a rounding difference somewhere in gain calculations. But I have another account that was stock options for a private company that shows -$17k and change. If I turn disable showing unrealized gains, this correctly goes to $0, but the others are further off and the report isn't useful anymore anyway.

Ive spent hours trying to find all the places where Quicken is confused with little success. It would be nice to fix those, but ultimately if I could just get the net worth report to work I could keep ignoring them.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    You can exclude those accounts from the net worth report but that will not fix your net worth history
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  • btm
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    Jim, yes, of course I want those accounts in the report because I'm using it to compare changes over time. As my 401k moved between jobs over the years I got left with these broken rounding issues in the net work report. If I excluded any of those, it would defeat the purpose of the report.

    There are multiple threads about people finding that some reports round cents differently. It's clearly a common annoyance that hasn't been annoying enough to be fixed.

    If you go to the net worth report options, and uncheck 'Show Cents (no rounding)' then the accounts that the reports normally show as $0.01 do now show as $0. This almost is a fine work-around, but the accounts that showed up as -$0.01 now show up as -$0 in red. A little amusing, at least. Every time I look at these reports my brain pauses knowing those accounts should be $0 and then remembers the report is broken.

    I've tried going back and forcing new "sell all shares" transactions in those accounts to make sure there isn't leftover unrealized gains or something. I've tried CTRL+Z in the register to recalculate them. I've run the validate+repair investment lots option on the file. I guess it's just an issue with how the reports do rounding. It probably happens a lot, but you aren't usually looking at another data source for the same date down to the cent to notice.
  • Chris_QPW
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    This has come up before and it has been reported that the net worth report has had this bug for many years.  So there isn't really anyway for you to fix this.
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