Getting "Duplicate Check Number" when attempting to pay a Check Pay payee

I only used check pay a few times last year, even though I had set up numerous payees. I started getting a "Duplicate Check Number" message when I tried to use check pay. I used another message and decided to try using Check Pay again _SINCE I AM PAYING FOR IT AS PART OF THE QUICKEN SUBSCRIPTION_. I set up a new payee and got "Duplicate check number" when I tried to pay. Quicken showed the same check number that was issued last year to a different payee. Obviously I can't reuse the check number since my bank would bounce the check. So, how do I get Quicken to increment the check number?


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    The bank should not bounce a check because it has the same number as a previous check.  To the bank, they're independent withdrawals.  The check numbers are for our benefit.  They're supposed to help us track the checks we've written.  We may always change the check number in the transaction entry.

    If you do not want to receive the warning, I suggest you uncheck the preference: select Edit > Preferences...

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    Following your suggestion, I set up the payment with a duplicate check number through the Check Pay payee interface, then changed the check number in the edit transaction interface before I synced. However, I should not get duplicate check number because Quicken assigned the first check number, and then it assigned the same check number again. Maybe changing the number will force it to renumber from the new number.
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