Deposits BEFORE Withdrawals

 Why can't Quicken show deposits before withdrawals for transactions on the same date.

This has been a present in the Windows version for years and years. I simply don't understand why this can't be fixed. If I was rich, this wouldn't be an issue.

On days I get paid and have multiple bills going out, it shows me go negative for that day. Please fix this.

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    Bank's don't necessarily post your deposits before your debits. At the bank were I was a systems VP, checks had a trancode of 57 and deposits had 78 ... and within an account the transactions were sorted in trancode order ... so checks came first. This possibly created a "daylight overdraft". 
    The bank's will usually ignore an occasional DO, but if it happens repeatedly they MIGHT notice and take action ... up to and including closing your account.
    Lastly, In Q, if you click the GEAR icon above the right slider bar in your account, there's a "Sorting Options" menu item.  Set it to DATE, Order Entered and then input all of your deposits before you input your debits.
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