R34.24 not updating from - Golden One CU and Schools First Federal CU.

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I use Golden One Cu and Schools First Federal CU. Win10 Q deluxe
I started having trouble after quicken update on July 24. V34.24.
I noticed the account list changed at the download column.

Account list shows web express connect but also has an (improve connection) as a link in the download column.
I click on the link and it states that I need Direct Connect.

My bank has express web connect. It went away from direct connect over a year ago. I found that in the banks FAQ.

Click on account one step update to start.
Everything looks normal except the spinning indicator stops and restarts slowly.
The screen flickers as it does while files are downloaded. Both banks show waiting, never updating.
Then update screen goes away but no indication of an update.
No error or indication that anything came in.

What can I do to fix?


  • Ps56k2
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    Guessing these are the exact named entries you are using -
    and Golden 1 is only showing the Express Web Connect
    Not sure for - Schools First - as there are 4 potential entries listed ... which exact name are you using ?
    22113    22113    22113    Golden FCU    https://www.golden1.com/home/default    1-406-454-5600    https://online.golden1.com/G1CU/login.aspx    ACTIVE                  

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  • tomoshot
    tomoshot Member
    Sorry to get back so late.
    But Schools is schoolsfirst federal credit union. www.schoolsfirstfcu.org

    Golden 1 is https://golden1.com/G1CU/login.
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    tomoshot said:  But Schools is schoolsfirst federal credit union. www.schoolsfirstfcu.
    As mentioned - which exact name have you used to setup your Quicken ADD ACCOUNT

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