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I have been using Quicken now for almost 15 years. My file is quite large, about 1.2 GB. I had noticed over the past 1-2 years that Quicken became painfully slow. I tried most of the recommendations. I've seen many discussion posts on it. I always run the latest update. I tried making year end copies to reduce my file size but it was still slow. My computer exceeds most specs. My computer specs are high-end by current standards. No matter. i would still watch the user interface flicker, sometimes for seconds at a time just entering a single transaction. BUT, one thing I realized recently I had not been doing is reconciling accounts. They're all spot on since I download transactions and rarely make an adjustment so I never felt the need to do this. However, once I did this for most of my accounts Quicken became remarkably faster and responsive.

I've never seen this recommended on any help pages or discussions so I figured I'd post for anyone else having a similar problem with similar circumstances. My theory is that Quicken is recalculating balances using all the transactions but once reconciled doesn't do this, just starting from the most recent reconciled balance. In hindsight, I really should have been reconciling all along but I didn't realize it could have such a dramatic performance impact. Can anyone else with performance issues try this out?


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    Very interesting finding. 
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    Yes, this very interesting and I can certainly see why it has never been recommended before.  I don't think there is any person posting answers here that doesn't reconcile all their accounts regularly.

    BTW on the size of your data file, I would bet most of that is attachments.
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