Program not displaying correctly since last quicken update

Since the last update from Quicken, the program now presents what is almost a completely blank screen. I cannot see a transaction not any of the toolbar functions (i.e. "File"). I have tried restarting my computer, however, that did not help. Any suggestions?


  • Frankx
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    Hi @Cs28461

    Which screen is blank - is it the :"Enter Data File Password" screen, the "Registration or Success" screen, or is it the "Home Page" screen? 

    If its the "Registration or Success" screen, follow the guidance located at this LINK.

    Also which version of Quicken are you running?


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  • Cs28461
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    Running the starter edition. The entire screen is blank. I can see the outline of boxes, but no data, nothing. It’s essentially a white screen with two blue outlined boxes.
  • UKR
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    Even if you're on the latest available patch release, R 35.31, for your US subscription already, please download and install the US Mondo Patch Update from
    This Update contains a fix for a problem specific to the Starter Edition and the new Home page Dashboard view.

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