Quicken Mac: Tutorials for creating charts in Excel, Numbers, and Google Sheets

If Quicken Mac can no longer create charts and graphs, it would be very helpful to publish tutorials on how to export data to the applications that can. For obvious reasons, charting is virtually essential for financial overviews and we need some way to do it.
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  • jacobs
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    @ricgpdx  Exporting data from Quicken Mac, from either registers or reports, is pretty straightforward. Are there any questions you have about how to export? Everything is exported in a .csv format, which is the simplest and most universal format for sharing spreadsheet data.

    There are already many, many "how to" articles, websites, and YouTube videos one can find with a Google search about creating charts in Excel, Numbers and Google Sheets. Unless there are some specific Quicken-related topics, I can't see a lot of value (or likelihood) in Quicken re-creating tutorials for such programs which already exist on the Internet. 
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