Remove Quicken Reminders (Q Win 2000)

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I have used Quicken 2000 Basic for over twenty years, and it has served me well.
Somehow I got into "Reminders" and now Quicken will not print checks. The screen one usually sees after hitting ""Print Checks" displays the number of checks to print and the total amount of the checks. This screen does not show up now, and no check print.


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    This old Quicken 2000 Basic ... is that an old UK, Canadian or other international version of Quicken?
    Unless someone does chime in ... The number of old timers remembering this old version is extremely small, so we may not be able to help you solve this problem.
    Except, perhaps, there is one thing you can try (but I would use another computer to work with and not touch the currently installed Q 2000 system, to keep your fallback options open).
    Quicken offers a version of Quicken 2013 Deluxe for free, available to download from within the article below. Use as is, for as long as it runs on your current computer or any new version of Windows.
    You may be able to convert your existing Quicken data file along the way.

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