Accounts Aren't Updating & Online Biller errors [edited]

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I have been using Quicken since 1993 and have never experienced the problems I've had in the past year. All too often when I download transactions multiple account do not download, I have to go to that account and reset it, each account separately. I've been on the phone with Quicken help many times and they get it working only to go back to the same problem a week or 2 later. As far as paying my bills through Quicken, I've given up completely. I constantly get bills that say they need attention or sign in problems but there is no problem or they just disappear from the screen. I now pay my bills through Citibank's website. I started with Quicken for Dos and have purchased every upgrade since. I am now on the subscription plan.
Is there any hope that this will get better? Am I the only one experiencing this?
Any feedback would be appreciated.


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    I have the same frustration, this use to be my most appreciated and valuable software, I would pay even more if it worked like it used to. There is not alternative I can find that is close to the functionality. Now I hear they are selling it to someone else [Removed - Speculation] I haven't been able to download for a week [Removed - Speculation]
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    Hello @jtobia846 and @dan5

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, although I am sorry to hear that you are frustrated with your recent experience with the program. Could we get more details about the issues you're experiencing such as the FI and how long the issues have been happening with connectivity? It sounds like we've also had issues with Bill manager recently so if we could expand further I can also take a look as well.

    Please let us know more about the issues you're having and we'll take a look to find out what's happening. If you have other problems such as program issues please let us know as well.


    Quicken Francisco

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