Renewal Discounts

[Removed - Speculation] They are willing to grant a 40% discount on subscriptions to the new folks (see their web site) and not to those of us who have supported them for many years. When I remarked in a chat session that I guess I would need to let my subscription expire and apply as a new user I was told they had records. Seems to me that quicken should be offering the long time customers the discounts.

Quicken gets to make its own decisions about what they will charge and what discounts they will offer and to whom. In turn I get to make a decision every year if I wish to continue buying the product and at what price. Part of what I will always consider is what others are paying for the exact same product. Loyalty discounts I understand. Discounts to new users not made available to the faithful do not sit well with me.


  • garysmith87
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    So, when your cable or dish TV contract is up, do they give you the same initial new subscriber discount...or do they charge you a much higher fee as an existing customer?

    Same goes for Quicken.  They charge a new subscriber lower fee to lure new customers to use their product.  And no discount for existing renewals. Their thought process is once you're hooked, you'll love the product so much that you'll renew for the full annual fee.

    Anyways, at times other retail outlets have Quicken renewals at a reduced price from Quicken's online site.  I find that checking with Staples or Office Max Depot seems to be a good source.  But those bargain prices are getting fewer and farther between.  if you can hold out, Black Friday is usually a good sale time...along with just before Christmas.  And of course, April tax season seems to be a better time to purchase a renewal.

    Just beware if you don't renew through Quicken, make sure you don't purchase the NEW USER version.  Right now, Quicken Deluxe is $51.99...which was $31.99 just a month ago.