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Years ago I used Quicken and loved it. I have a Bank of America account, and I could open Quicken and pay all of my bills directly through the Quicken application ... and it would remember and enter what I paid. Then later I lost the ability to pay bills through Quicken. I was told I would have to log into the Bank of America site to pay my bills, and then log into Quicken to track spending. Well ... once logged onto Bank of America, I just did everything there. It's not as good as Quicken, but 1) I'm already there; and 2) it saves me from constantly trying to sync up. I would absolutely love a way to go back to using Quicken for eveything. Is this possible?


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    Hi @Darrell Jefferson

    You said "I would absolutely love a way to go back to using Quicken for eveything. Is this possible?"

    I believe that the answer is yes.  However, you likely will not be able to do it with your Bank of America account.  Instead, you'll need to use a bank that supports the Quicken "Direct Connect" method of connection.  I suspect that BOA changed your connection method to "Express Web Connect" and while they have grandfathered old account holders, they do not support Direct Connect for any new accounts, even if you are a long-time customer, who previously had Direct Connect.

    The good news is that there are a lot of banks - of all sizes that still support Direct Connect and a number of these do not charge fees for that service.  A few of these banks that come to mind are Chase, PNC, M&T Bank, Regions, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, BNY Mellon, BB&T, BBVA and Bank One.  But there are many other banks from large to medium to small.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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