Horrible problems with Quicken

Hi there, I am new here, but I have used quicken for 15+ years.

Here is my issue:
1) for quite some time I have used quicken with direct connect to my financial institutions and have had times when the connection stopped working - I discovered that if I were to remove the online connection for the accounts then re-join them that everything would work for another 3-6 months (seems to be a random period of time)
2) noticed a number of transactions were identified as online transactions - for instance if I manually entered that I spent $6 at subway (before the transaction was downloaded to my account) that it would show the "Sent" to the left of the transaction as if I had entered an online payment.
3) recently decided to call quicken support about all of this because I realize that I now have the subscription plan and I don't have to pay for support anymore (Yay) and they had me do several options to repair the file - this resulted in lots of transfers from one account to another to break - for instance a transfer from joint checking to savings might show up on one account, but not in the other account.
4) I now have a huge mess with 12 years of data that is screwed up, and I am considering starting over.

Has anyone ever had any luck getting quicken to take the file and do any kind of advanced repairs to it? I have a TON of other problems that would take too long to enumerate here. Really fed up.

I don't want to loose the history of the past 12 years of data, but I'm pretty fed up with all the glitches.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to ask for? Or a better software that won't screw me over like quicken seems to be doing? I am actually fearful of them making the problem worse.


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    Can't you restore from a backup?
    Quicken Subscription HBRP - Windows 10
  • Based on previous interaction several years ago I don't have a backup old enough to go back to a time before the errors.
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