25+ Years User of Quicken with Numerous Problems

Pactzin Member ✭✭
I am a 25+ years user of Quicken for Windows. I have been extremely dissatisfied with Quicken for the last year. Many of my billers (Wells Fargo, Infiniti Finanical Services, State Farm, etc) do not allow quicken payments anymore. They do not want to do business with Quicken when I've called to ask. Further, all of the tedious little bugs cropping up making everything more difficult. For example the infamous "Biller requires a date of (today) or earlier" when the bill is not due for 15 days. And no, the biller did not set any dates or deadlines. It is a bug that crops up on many accounts randomly not allowing to sit down and pay my bills on time. [Removed - Speculation]


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