Check Pay and Auto Entry

I discovered unexpected behavior when using a bill reminder tied to a Check Pay payee. I have a bill that comes once a month for the same amount. The vendor is not available on Bill Pay so I use Check Pay. I linked the payee to a calendar reminder. In the calendar reminder I attempted to set it to auto-enter several days before the print date. This both greyed out the "Allow paying with Check Pay" box in the bill reminder and removed the vendor from the list of Check Pay Payees.

After several experiments it appears you can have a reminder when using Check Pay but cannot automatically enter a Check Pay transaction. Any attempt to do so will delete the payee.

Is this expected behavior?


  • gcsimpson
    gcsimpson Member ✭✭
    I have the same problem. Does this mean that i have to go in every month and manually enter recurring check pay monthly payments.