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I'm having many of the same problems with the transition to the "new" Charles Schwab format. My 25 bond accounts wont update. CS shows a 0 quantity for all 25 bonds but they are all there in my account on the CS website. Having updated to the the very latest available, there has been no improvement. I've had to manually update the bond pricing after downloading CS info into a spreadsheet.

Now I find that for the past several days, no transactions (div., int., etc.) have been downloading to my two accounts.

Has anybody had any success remedying this situation?


  • splasher
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    To answer the question in the title of your post, ASK SCHWAB, they are the ones that decided to check how Quicken was allowed to interact with their computers for the downloads.
    "Success remedying" is hit and miss.  Some users write that everything is fine and others write to say that it is still screwed up.  There doesn't seem to be a "golden fix" yet.
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    CS and Q are both pointing fingers at each other. At this point, until they resolve between them it I am going to resort to manual entry of the CS transactions once a month from my statement. Not why I have this software, but I do need the information on a fairly up-to-date basis.
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