Dec'21 - Quicken for Windows will not Launch / Crashes on Start-up

Hello - Is anyone having this issue?

My Quicken Deluxe stopped working ~12/18 and I started troubleshooting this on 12/27. Have spent ~ 4 hours with Quicken support (Guatemala) and ~ 4 hours of my own time.

Steps taken include:
* un-install Quicken,
* clean up old versions with QClean-up utility,
* cleaned up temp files,
* dis-abled anti-virus and fire-wall,
* verified running latest version of Windows 10 (and updates),
* downloaded latest Quicken and (Mondo) Update
* re-installed Quicken

Issue persists - Quicken will not launch / crashes on start-up.

Does Quicken have Level 2 Support that can help with this issue? OR Has anyone else dealt with this issue. Timing seems to co-incide with Log4J vulnerability. PLEASE HELP..!!


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