Default Credit Card Payee Storage Location?

I have been using Quicken since DOS for Windows version 3. After clicking on the done button of the reconciliation process there are two radio buttons. One labeled “Print Check” brings you to a screen with a check that is already filled out. The other radio button labeled “Hand Written Check” just enters a transaction in the checking account used to pay this credit card. My question is where is this payee information stored? The only way I know to edit this information is during the reconciliation process if you select print check option. If I want to update something in the payee, address, or memo fields I have to wait until I reconciliate the credit card to the credit card statement. I cannot find this exact version of payment in the memorized payee list, manage bills, or the address book. The only problem with is I have to remember something needs to be updated at the time I reconciliate the credit card instead of correcting it mid cycle when I figure out something on a payment to credit card needs to be update.

Rick C
Quicken Premier Version R36.57 Build


  • Quicken Jade
    Quicken Jade Moderator mod
    Hello @Rick C, thank you for participating in our community and for being such a long-standing loyal user of Quicken! I would recommend checking Tools > Online Payee List to see if that information is stored there. I hope this helps! 
    - QUicken Jade
  • Rick C
    Rick C Member
    This infomation is used to print a hard copy check or just enter the information as a transaction in the checking account minus the address. Has nothing to do with on-line transactions.
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