How to force close an investment account with securities balances

I have moved some investments from one firm to another and want to close the old quicken investment account. However, the account shows securities balances so will not let me close. I can't figure out how to see which securities have balances to try to adjust them. Really, I just want to force the account closed but keep the data for reporting purposes (even though there may be some errors in the accounts). Any ideas?


  • Bob_L
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    Did you do a transfer all securities to the new quicken account?  I would think that would have moved everything.  If not, then what have you done to get to where you are now?  Also what does the holdings/portfolio view for that register show?
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  • Bill Demlow
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    Thanks for the input. I have had difficulty with the investment accounts for years but it never mattered. Some assets were transferred in kind and others converted to cash and then transferred. All the accounts were,in quicken but I had to do manual category adjustments to show the transfers. My investment accounts often showed mismatch between quicken and what the brokerage showed. Not sure I handled that right. I'll check what the portfolio view is when I get on the main computer tomorrow. When I looked at the holdings today, it was not a a helpful presentation. I couldn't tell which security (or securities) were causing the issue. And, I'm not sure how to effect a cure either. It would be nice if quicken could just close the account and create appropriate adjustment entries.
  • volvogirl
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    When you did the last sell or move - pick all shares.   
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