Are Quicken and Vanguard Collaborating on Conversion Issue?

After working with Quicken Support regarding the Vanguard Conversion issue to no avail, I contacted Vanguard's Brokerage. I told the Brokerage agent that two of my mutual funds in Quicken Deluxe weren't tracking corresponding Vanguard data. In addition, I told the agent that three money market funds (Personal, IRA, and IRA RO) were lumped into one "account" in my Quicken software. After checking with her Vanguard Brokerage sources, she agreed the errors I cited did exist. In addition, she said Vanguard would contact Quicken and work on a solution to correct the errors. I checked with a Quicken Support agent yesterday, but he knew nothing about Vanguard contacting Quicken. However, a previous Quicken agent said he was aware of the Vanguard Conversion issue. So, what's going on? The Vanguard Conversion issue has existed for many months. When will Quicken and Vanguard finally join forces and solve the conversion problem? Until the conversion problem is solved, investment data for five of my Vanguard funds in Quicken is worthless. :'(


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    I encountered similar integration issues between Vanguard / Quicken [Removed - Speculation]
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