quicken does not accept canadian postal codes

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i'm trying to buy quicken with the discount but quicken does not accept canadian postal codes. [Removed - Off Topic]


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    Which Quicken country version are you trying to order? US or Canada?
    If you want the Canadian version of Quicken, please try ordering from https://www.quicken.com/canada/personal-finance-software/
    If all else fails please call Quicken Support

    Quicken Support:

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    So, called through to the Customer Service number. He had me walk through all the steps (including trying logging into the Quicken Canada website) only to get back to exactly where I was when I tried to renew using the "renew" link covering about 1/10 of the screen ( not to mention the advertising covering 1/3 of the side!!!!!!!).
    Of course, still had the issue of wanting a ZIP code for purchasing a Quicken Canada subscription!!!. I see that others have been saying the same thing over and over in queries to support that usually get "closed" without an answer. SO QUICKEN SUPPORT - please fix this by next year. I shouldn't have to pay by PAYPAL in order to get this thing renewed. and NO I can NOT going to let this thing auto-renew. So now I can't find the "delete auto-renew" inside the Manage subscriptions! Guess I will make sure that I delete it in the Paypal realm.

    NOT a way to treat your loyal Canadian customers who deal with the inaccurate US/Can exchange and non-Canadian type accounts. You're selling a Canadian version of your software - it shouldn't be that hard to actually let us enter Canadian postal codes that will match our credit cards...... And your customer service people should know what the problem is and either have a work-around. I'm not giving my credit card information to them to do a "Manual" transaction either.
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    @Annhh, Calm Down. We're other users ... and your complaint is falling on deaf ears.
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