Has anyone experienced a Payee not receiving a Check Pay payment?

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I initiated a Check Pay payment on 12/11/21 and it was supposedly sent per its Quicken status on 12/17 but to date, 1/11/22, the Payee still hasn't received payment and it has not cleared my checking account.  


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    I have 3 Check Pay payments that have not arrived at the Payee.  There were 2 checks from 12-14-21 and 1 from 12-30-21.  These also have not cleared the checking account.
    Update:  The 12-30-21 check did arrive.  
    The is new behavior using Check Pay!!!!

    This is disturbing!!!

  • HJR
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    I agree this is very disturbing.  Mine is quickly approaching a month since it was scheduled to be sent.  
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