Idea for Edit Income Reminder. In Optional Settings - Auto Enter in X Days.



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    Bill44 said:
    I would definitely like to see this done. An option to have specific entries to be entered on the 1st of the month.
    Maybe I am missing something, but I think you can do this already.
    Make a new manual bill reminder.
    Set the due date to the 1st of every month.
    In the "Remind me" optional setting, select Automatically enter 0 days in advance and the transaction will go into your register on the 1st of the month with no interaction from you.

    If you want it to go into the register sooner but still show as paid on the 1st, set a higher number for the Automatically enter.  
    As I understand it -- 

    His issue is that he wants the transaction to appear (auto entry) on the first day of the month as a transaction on the last day of the month.  

    He could have a reminder appear for the last day of the month appear most any time, but he seems to want the actual transaction entered, not just a reminder.

    He could have the transaction dated the last day of the month auto-entered in advance by 27, 28, 29, 30, or 31 days (any number of days) before the scheduled last day of the month, but those do not always correspond to the first day of the month.  Apparently, if the Feb 28 transaction appeared on January 28 instead of Feb 1, it would be a problem.  

    He is locked into his way of managing his information from the days of DOS and wants the Quicken programmers to make his procedure easier for him.  
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    Oh OK, now I get it. This seems like a very specific request with not a lot of widespread appeal.

    You can currently set it to auto enter on the last day of the month, with the reminder coming 28 days before. Or you can set the auto entry on the 28th with the reminder on the 1st.
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  • Bill44
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    Yes, scheduling the bill works just fine. The issue I face is getting it to be placed in the register on the 1st of the month. Social Security comes in the 2nd Wednesday of the month and several bills are on or near the last day of the month. I would like the to be on the correct date which they are and also entered on the 1st of every month,
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    I am having trouble understanding why it is important for the transaction to go into the register exactly on the first of the month. It seems to me that if for example your Social Security is paid on the 2nd Wednesday, as long as the transaction has the correct date and is in the register before it is downloaded from the bank, it doesn't matter exactly what day it is entered into the register.

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    Hi @Bill44,

    I have to give you credit for being persistent. 

    Unfortunately, I suspect that -  the while the Q programmers might be able to find  way to have a transaction that will be received as income or paid out via check or otherwise sometime later in a given month, automatically appear in the specific account register (from which it will be paid on one of the following 29 or 30 days) on the first of every month - it would be behavior that most Quicken users would not need nor want. 

    I do understand that it helps you to budget if you can see all the income and payments that will happen for the next 30 days on the first day of every month, but most users don't view things that way. It is more important for most users to have their transactions recorded when they take place. or when they are scheduled to take place - for budgeting considerations - rather than on the first day of every month as a matter of rote.

    BTW - there is nothing that would prevent you from automatically having Quicken enter all of those transactions in your registers, as scheduled transactions, on the first day of every month, but that would mean that you'll need to edit each of those transactions to the correct date that they occurred later in the month - which is obviously double the work.  Otherwise, I am afraid that it is unlikely that you'll see the implementation of your idea,

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  • Chris_QPW
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    Personally, this sounds like some of the arguments I saw for pre-entering transactions before Quicken had the feature of including the reminders in the registers and the budget.

    Many people did this where they entered their "planned" transactions for the month at the beginning of the month.

    But I think that practice has mostly gone away since Quicken added the reminder features.

    The biggest problem with pre-entering is when something changes.  With reminders you can tell it to not show them, show them a week, 2 weeks, 30 days, ... in advance, and change your mind at any time.  The reminders affect the balance just as if they were really entered in the register but give you the flexibility to change.

    As for budgeting, the same goes true if you use the Quicken budget.  You have Quicken use the future reminders as the future "actuals", to see how your budget will play out.
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  • Bill44
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    Hi Frankx,

    Yes, I can and do edit those specific transactions each and every month.

    They have the exact same rules already in the Due next on: in the Edit Income Reminder. I'm just asking for some of those same rules being added to the add to the Auto enter x days in advance( change).

    Telling me I can do it manually every month does not help. I have been using Quicken since the DOS days. I like to have my registers setup with all of the known bills each month. Helps the wife and myself see what is due and when each month.

    Instead of trying to squash something you don't understand does not help Quicken improve. I can only hope they don't have to run all of their updates they plan to do thru people that don't see a necessity to program for the customers are using the product.

    BTW: if you don't understand a request, you should find out what and why a request is submitted and not try to squash it because you don't.

    Have a great day,

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