account opening balances changed upon downloading transactions

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I'm having what appears to be the same problem as @DJW had (described in this thread:

Different bank -- banks, actually. For me, account opening balances were changed on some checking, savings, credit card accounts from multiple banks (including Bank of America and Kinecta credit union).

Like @DJW, I loaded up a backup and tried again -- AGAIN it changed the balances. I also re-opened the backup and downloaded transactions and found that the transaction that was incorrect was the very first transaction in the account (opening balance). I tried several account validations (before and after updating) -- nothing I tried made a difference. (I did not supervalidate.)

My errors also occurred in the Nov/Dec 2021 timeframe. (I just noticed another one of them tonight, because now is when I'm reconciling that account.)

[Removed - Disruptive] Well, it's happening to more people, more often. It's high time Quicken took this issue seriously and FIND A SOLUTION. This is not acceptable. I will not get back the 12+ hours I spent trying to locate this issue.

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    I noticed that some of my JPMorgan Chase bank account transactions were not being shown (cleared) when I did an online update even though they displayed when I checked the account using my Chase online account.  To remedy the situation, I did a Quicken Account Details --> Online Services --> Reset Account and all of the missing cleared transactions appeared in Quicken (matched or new).  Since all was good, I accepted all of the transactions. I later noticed that I had more money in the (Quicken) account than I had prior to resetting the account.  The account's Opening Balance of 12/31/2018 which was reconciled was changed unilaterally.  This in turn threw off all of the previous reconciliations which had a mistake in the Prior Balance of exactly the amount that had been changed in the account's opening balance. Totally lost as to why resetting the account would change the opening balance.

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    I also had this issue, today. Opening balances from 11 years ago changed. Found the culprit by loading same DB on another machine and comparing the two side by side, one from before today's update and the other from after. Once identified, I edited the opening balance back to what I actually was. Quicken Deluxe, version R37.67 build Windows 10 Enterprise. For these cases it sure would be good to have a compare databases function. Excel comparison didn't work well for me because they appear to only export from reports and reports didn't include balance after transaction, which was key in finding the timeframe of the error.
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