Make it possible to 'Bold' all screen font characters displayed

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Many of us with 'aging eyes' would find it easier to spend Quicken 'screen time' with darker characters to work with as is true with many programs (such as word processors and many other types of programs. I suspect that would be an easy program fix since kit could affect all chaacters. For those who like their type 'faint' as it is currnelty , [Perhaps an 'on and off option would saitisfy all users.] This capability may already exist, but I don't know where to find it if it does. Many of users spend many hours at each session and the eye strain would be reduced with darker screen charactrers. Oher have suggested a darker background, but for many of us, an overall 'brightness' option would also reduce eye-strain.
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    There is an option to select Bold for register fonts: select Edit > Preferences...

    You may also find checking Use Large Fonts to be helpful: select View

    Otherwise, I suggest reviewing what Windows has to offer under the Ease of Access Center