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I was a Quicken for Windows user for many years until mid-2020. I haven't entered anything into the program or run financial institution updates since then. I want to start actively using Quicken again, but I'm unsure how to proceed:

- Is there a recommended way to "catch up" my accounts without entering all of the transactions that have taken place in the interim?
- I'm also a Mac user and would prefer to get away from using a virtual machine to run Quicken for Windows. Is the current Mac version reliable for basic transaction tracking and downloads? Investment and retirement account tracking? Any hitches to be aware of converting?


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    You might have trouble filling in a year & a half gap just from downloading transactions, but then again you might not. It's a little hard for me to tell since I've moved a lot of my accounts in the last 6 months, but when I checked my Amex account just now it would let me download the last 2 years of transactions in a QFX file, so maybe you could bring your old file up to date.

    As for Quicken Mac, I started using it again in 2017 after a 6 year absence & I've been satisfied. About the only thing I missed from Quicken Windows was the retirement planner, but as I'm retired now I don't know if it would do me any more good. But all the basics are there. There are some things that won't make the transition from Quicken Windows, such as custom reports, so you'll have to recreate those. The good news is that both versions are included in your subscription so you don't have to commit to one or the other. 
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