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I work at my host computer loading Quicken which naturally loads my Quicken data file. However, when I am offsite and login to the host with the REMOTE PC program, Quicken loads and old data file. I cannot figure out why this occurs. Any assistance would be appreciated!


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    Are you the same Windows user in both circumstances?  Windows will present a different "Documents" folder for each Windows user, therefore finding a different Quicken data file.
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    When I was traveling all the time on business ... the last thing that I'd do before leaving the house is to backup Q to a USB/thumb drive ... and then restore to the desktop PC at my work site.  I'd reverse the procedure when I was coming home.
    In addition to transporting the Q data file with me, I'd always have a current backup of the file.
    The only thing to watch out for is that NO ONE changed anything on the home computer while I was gone ... because if they did, such activity would be wiped out when I restored from the "traveling" data.
    Q's restore process is "entire file", not selective or additive.
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