IN/OUT Bugs 2022

Looooong time Quicken user here. I decided recently to once again try to get all these fancy widgets to play nice but as expected, they continue to be buggy and useless. I want to be part of the solution instead of stewing at my desk every time so i'll try the forums.

In/Out/What's Left appears to be a brilliant tool. It's not until trying to tie all the numbers together that I realized it's still junk.

1. Bill reminders created for transactions with a split only show a partial amount in the "Upcoming Bills" click. It seems to arbitrarily pick one of the split lines for display and calculation. I've worked around this by deleting all of the lines in the split.

2. The "Loan payments" click only lists credit cards. My ACTUAL loans show up in "Bills". Bonus bug -- some of my CCs also show up in "Bills". The widget is dividing all of my CCs between "Loan Payments" and "Bills". I haven't been able to determine a rhyme or reason for this & therefore no workaround.

3. It double counts transfers. I transferred a portion of my salary from checking account A to a savings account for a large purchase. i transfer $500 from savings to checking account B. So "Other Deposits" lists my full pay check AND "Transfers In" lists the $500. So now the "Inflow" total counts my full salary plus the $500 that came from my salary in the first place.

Thankfully I used the $500 to pay a CC so it nets out anyway. But there's times when I'll transfer back from savings to checking if my balance gets lower than I like. So this thing will count those transfers as new income.......genius :s


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    Have you contacted Q Support about ANY of these issues?
    With as many issues as you're reporting, they can more successfully handle them rather than this user-to-user forum.
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