Problem with <ACCTID> field in download

I have been unable to get help from my financial institution or Quicken Tech Support.
When i download the QFX file from my bank, the <ACCTID> field is 27 characters. When it tries to load it throws a OL-220-a error. If i edit the file so that the <ACCTID> field is 26 characters or less, the file loads without issue.
I have several accounts and do not want to have to edit these files every time. Has anyone else had this issue? is there a parameter i can change so quicken ignores the 27th character?


  • splasher
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    There is no setting in Quicken that can remove the character.  Depending on whether the download connection is Direct Connect or Express Web Connect, you need to complain to either the FI or Quicken respectively.  The FI is solely responsible for DC, Quicken and its aggregator, Intuit, is solely responsible for EWC.
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  • DeanRhyn
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    Thanks Splasher, but the problem is that neither side wants to address the issue, they just want to point to the other side. Sad but it looks like i will need to find other software.
  • Chris_QPW
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    OFX standard says that field shouldn't be larger than 22 characters (A-22).

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