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  • gsakal02134
    gsakal02134 Member ✭✭
    I have the same question. My Chase Visa was compromised a year or so ago, and I was issued a new card. I have deleted the former instance of Chase Visa in the Online Payee list, and have deleted all memorized transactions pertaining to the old account. I setup a NEW online payee with the description field set to {CHASENEW}. Yet, whenever I download/reconcile the account and accept the prompt to send a payment, it still defaults to the old online payee, even though I've deleted it. I must always remember to choose the new instance from the drop-down list when entering an online payment.

    Is there a way to delete this old instance from the drop-down list?
  • Jason Gittman
    Jason Gittman Member ✭✭
    Make sure that the old payee is deleted from the memorized payee list AND the Quicken Address Book. I discovered that if the payee is still in the Address Book it will remain in the payee drop down list when making a payment.
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