One Step Update not working properly - fix?

Larry Tripp
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One Step Update is not updating all accounts. I am having to open individual account registers and perform "update transactions" for those that did not update. The presence of new transactions not always being shown by blue dot as before. Updating process seems much slower than before.
All accounts are properly set up. I believe this began in late '20 or early '21.


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    When you TOOLS, Account List, what is shown in the "Financial Institution" and the "Transaction Download" columns for those accounts?
    And, do I understand correctly that SOME accounts do download?
    I also asked you these questions on March 5 ... and you never responded.  You're not going to get much help if we don't understand your situaiton.
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  • Larry Tripp
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    Yes, some accounts do download with One Step Update, however much more slowly than previous. All will download if I individually open the account and do Update Transactions.

    In the "Financial Institution" column are the financial institutions where my accounts are; Chase, Capital One and TD Ameritrade. In the "Transaction Download" column are "Yes - Improve Connection" for the 2 Chase accounts; "Yes-Express Web Connect" for the Capital One account and "Yes-Direct Connect" for the 8 TD Ameritrade accounts. The TD Ameritrade accounts are the most persistent problem.
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